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Yes, my ear infection is finally actually dying! \o\ Now if only my other ear would pop already since I still can't hear worth crap out of that ear and it's bugging me since I can finally hear okay out of the other one.

(And of course, I forgot my antibiotics before I left this morning. SIGH. Oh well, missing one won't kill me, I assume.)

In other news, I caught up on Jennifer Fallon's latest series, at least as far as it's out yet (sigh I choose to catch up ten days before the last book in it comes out. I know I'll forget about it after it comes out too). And as much as I love political epic fantasy, I wish she'd cut down on the woman with an active sex drive = evil, heroine = damaged sex drive because she's been raped trope. I mean, she manages to write some seriously awesome female characters despite that! ...Usually. The women in the Wolfblade series were all pretty much awesome and avoided that trope entirely iirc, and the chameleon spy was in the Immortal trilogy was awesome. And I have a weird fondness for Marqel who's like the bastard love child of both those tropes because I like unapologetically sociopathic and ambitious female characters and the use of religion to gain power. In some ways the entire Second Son trilogy feels to me like an dissection of the saw "Pretty women have more power than men because they control sex!" and what it would actually take to be even temporarily and partially true (hint: it involves combining religion, sex, and convincing the most powerful ruler on the planet to kill his firstborn child for your religion, because after that that guy will never allow himself to doubt in that religion. And it's still made clear that that's an innately fragile source of power). But those tropes still piss me off.


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