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Okay, I admit it. I find the whole RP mass migration over to DW absolutely fascinating to watch and want to tl;dr about it to work out my own thoughts on it. Mostly to get it out of my head! I like business shit and mass social changes, okay. This is kind of the other side of my earlier tl;dr, as it's focusing on RP rather than LJ.

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Man, I still feel really crappy. This is annoying.

Anyway! In order to deal with the crappiness, I have been reading mindcandy urban fantasy, and I finally figured out what's really been bugging me about Carolyn Crane's Disillusionist series. Which, if you haven't read it or heard of it, is basically about a group of mentally ill people going around projecting their mental illness into evil people until the evil people are so broken they give up on being evil and become good people. It's actually a pretty fun and interesting read in some ways, but there's a lot that bugs me about it.

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...It's always nice to know that the fact that I tend to spend September feeling bitchy as hell outlasts my school career. Bah.

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Also, the demonverse game was awesome and I think it jarred me out of my RP funk \o\ Srsly I didn't even grocery shop this weekend because I was too busy either playing it or stalking threads in it. I should dig up some of the old threads so I can write porn for it in the kink meme without being bugged about getting characterization wrong.


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