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If you're looking for a Mac backup program, try Arq. In no particular order, bullet points!
  • It's stored on Amazon's cloud service, so you're paying exactly what you're storing, rather than either paying too much or underpaying and dealing with the risk of the software trying to subtly cripple your using the full offer, which is what I've heard of people having problems with services like Mozy

  • It's really light-weight. I tend to get impatient and delete programs like antiviruses because they slow my computer down too much. This doesn't.

  • It makes it really easy to choose what folders you want to store (because if you're paying for storage, you care), and to set a monthly budget of how much you'd like to pay for storage. So it stores as many copies of your backups as often as your budget allows, or if you just want no history, you just set your budget way under and it will store exactly 1 copy of all your folders. The only feature it's missing here is showing you how much you'll have to pay for storing exactly 1 copy of all your folders, which is admittedly a pretty big thing

  • It's easy to restore (yes, I tested) and they have an open source restorer for added peace of mind if you care about that.

  • It gives you the choice of Amazon's top tier backups that will survive data center blowups, or a slightly cheaper one that won't. I went with won't because none of my stuff is so critical that I am willing to pay another couple bucks a month for insurance of a simultaneous my computer blowup and data center blowup.

  • It took me about 10 minutes to set up, and most of that was pruning folders (and then cleaning out folders but that's just because I'm cheap.) It was also really easy to do.

So yeah. If you have been considering computer backups for a while and just never got around to it, this is a decent option.


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