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Is anyone else weirded out by the concept of dog neurologists for some reason? I mean, I kind of find it awesome, but seriously it weirds me out.

Edited because I don't like spamming my journal: On a perhaps surprisingly completely unrelated topic! I'm always taken aback at just how common pit bull prejudice really is. I mean seriously dudes, the only way my neighbor's pit bull is likely to injure anyone is if she bruises someone's feet in her haste to roll on to her back to get belly rubs. And I grew up with a fairly dangerous breed! (Chow.) And you know, much as I loved that dog, we were very careful with her, because the potential for her to get violent with a non-family member that didn't get dogs was always there, because she did have the full, stereotypical Chow dislike of everyone who wasn't her family. And then I look at the pit bulls I've known, and look at the chows I've known, and all I can think when people start going off on how dangerous pit bulls are is "...Seriously, you've never met a pit bull, or a potentially dangerous breed, have you."


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