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So I read what's available in English of Kaori Yuki's new series last night. Grand Guignol Orchestra in English, Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan if you want to read the scans. It was awesome. It had crossdressing nuns! Identical twins taking the other's place upon their death! Murderous pianos! At least one betrayal of the person someone loved most per chapter! Mad queens still loved desperately despite their madness! A zombie ex-pianist Cheshire Cat with a giant sword! Multiple people with a zombie doll fetish! Beloved corpses being treated as though they were still alive! Gorgeous men being chained half-naked to beds! Gigantic and vaguely incestual sibling complexes! Abusive parents who may or may not actually love their children and want the best for them! All these exclamation marks accurately express the entire mood of the series!

It's basically as though Kaori Yuki distilled everything beautiful about her writing into gorgeous crack.

Date: 2011-02-07 04:52 pm (UTC)
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*entertained* Yeah, that's our Yuki Kaori all right.


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