Dec. 29th, 2011

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So! I haven't checked the date I last posted because I basically completely abandoned DW for Plurk and RP and thus fail forever. But considering I still sort of feel awkward on Plurk because the format just doesn't work well with the way my brain works and my inability not to tl;dr, I think I'll start attempting to use DW more now that CFUD's moving over here. Honestly, I was so tired of LJ's crap that it was leaving me a little disenchanted with journaling in general, especially since I figured I'd be stuck with CFUD over there forever. So we'll see how my intentions pan out! I do plan on going through my - is it circle on DW? I FORGET. The flist equivalent anyway - later on and fix my subscriptions to match my current intended use for it, so just fair warning.

Also in completely other news, man, I really like DW's new create entry page.

Edit: Dude, there is a unicorn theme on DW. I am suddenly sort of sad that I am dropping Ferdinand before CFUD's move. ...I should go do that actually.


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