Jul. 21st, 2010

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You know what I want Mercedes Lackey to do? Stop dancing around writing a male non-human character/female human character who loves him despite his appearance, and give the next human character who falls into that situation a furry fetish rather than trying to write it as "OH SHE JUST LOVES THE BIRDMAN BECAUSE HE SINGS PRETTY AND THEY'RE BOTH OUTSIDERS". They can love their personality while being hot for their furry and/or feathery body, too and I'd actually be less weirded out by it.

I mean, if you've got a weird fetish and you fall in love with someone and that person happens to be one of the very few people on the planet who can satisfy your fetish - awesome! Good for you! But there's this underlying presumption that all these women are totally okay with screwing a half-wolf or half-bird because they love their personalities just that much that just makes me go "Uh. Pretty sure not everyone would be willing to bang a half-man, half-wolf. I'm also pretty sure that there's a lot more people who would think all there dreams who just came true if offered the chance to do so, so please stop acting like she's unique in her ability to look past her love interest's body into his soul."


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