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So I should probably like update this at some point.

I'm not dead! I'm just distracted and stressed about work right now since the current project's going to be done next week. I am sorry for everyone who's tried to chat with me in the last week and found me just kind of not there either physically or mentally! I kind of fail.

Also in other news, I have discovered this. It is a horribly addicting game, despite the fact that there's not much to do after a certain point. It's like tiny, pixelated crack, I swear. And the fact that it's basically like a history of videogames very slightly disguised (Gameboy to Playkid, Legend of Helga by Intendro winning best game of the year, etc.) means that I spend the entire time I'm playing going "I know that! What is it? I know it goddamnit." PIXELLATED CRACK, I SWEAR TO GOD. I'm currently making a sequel to ViiFit7, which sold 36,000,000 copies. Other games I've made have been Chrono, the time-traveling RPG, Simcity (up to 5), DDR (up to 6), Phoenix Wright, etc. It's weirdly satisfying to duplicate the hits of the last twenty years, although I had to give up my Final Fantasy series because I swear that series was cursed.

...So yes, that is the other reason I've been distracted the last couple days.
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