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Oh my god, I want to punch my neighbors.

So! One of my neighbors has a pit bull. I have mentioned her before on here as the most adorable dog ever. Seriously, I met her by looking down at my feet before properly registering that there was a dog approaching, and seeing her flopped upside down on my feet hoping for a bellyrub. She's genuinely the sweetest and most even tempered dog I've ever known.

Yesterday, one of the other neighbors kicked her. Today, six of them banded together to call her a menace, and to tell her owner that if they saw her outside again, they'd call Animal Control.


I mean, look. It would be one thing if it were a dog I could possibly conceive of as being violent! I used to have a chow, and if she were wandering around and people were scared of her, I could at least understand that, because Tulip was pretty bad tempered. (Though I'd also point out that if someone kicked Tulip, I'd damn well expect them to have a bitemark on their leg. Which whoever kicked Lulu was notably lacking in. FOR PRACTICAL PURPOSES THIS IS A VERY GOOD THING but. Fuck, if you kick a dog who isn't threatening you, you deserve to get bitten.) But I've seen Lulu dealing with an 8 week old puppy who adores her to the point of being really obnoxious and dealing with my dad's dog, who is tremendously jealous when we pay attention to her when he's around, and she's just. Incredibly patient and sweet-tempered and the idea of her menacing people is just utterly fucking ridiculous. As it is, the only possible conclusion I can come to is that someone went "oh my god, she's a pit bull HOW TERRIFYING SHE WANTS ATTENTION AND BELLY RUBS SHE IS CLEARLY A MENACE" To which I can only say oh my god go fuck yourself.

And now my neighbor's building a better fence and I'll almost never see her again. Not to mention my dad's dog just lost his packmate. And I still can't believe they kicked her. Assholes.
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