Sep. 27th, 2010

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You know that you're doomed when you're lying in bed wide awake, and you realize that every single thing that makes you have trouble sleeping is applicable tonight. Too hot weather leading to nosebleeds, check. Full moon that's actually brighter than it was a few days ago when it really was full, check. Interesting book, check. (Well, finished that one.) Reading about serial killers, check. Forgetting to eat dinner and not really wanting to eat because it's too hot and nothing I have sounds tasty even though my stomach's empty, check. Etc. Yay.

Anyway! If you have any of the new-ish frozen yogurt places in your area with the tangy yogurt, you should totally go because that stuff's seriously tasty dude. I had some grapefruit tangy frozen yogurt with strawberries and it was the best thing ever.
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Signs it's hot:

-I've taken around 5-10 showers fully dressed today. Still too hot.

-Working at full capacity, my air conditioner couldn't get below 99 degrees at the hottest part of the day. I'm not sure that means it's completely broken, since outside it was 110.

-...on the other hand, I'm not sure my air conditioner can show over a hundred degrees. Whoops. Maybe it is completely broken.

-some cheese I left on a plate melted. I also tossed all my chocolate into the fridge, for obvious reasons.

-I am planning on pouring a glass or two of water on my bed before going to bed.

-I've already opened my place up and soaked all my curtains before hanging them back up. This actually totally works to cool things down. The only problem is that the one I was planning on hanging in my sliding door in my bedroom broke under the weight of the curtains :( I think I have a spare, but it's too hot to look around.

-I've had two nosebleeds.

-Several hours after sunset, it's finally cooled down to 95 degrees.

-I hate my life.


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