Aug. 30th, 2010

opusculus: Digital Devil Saga's Angel showing her atma (Second safest cleavage)
It occurs to me that I am apparently incapable of finding any character named Gale a good candidate for a love triangle. Because if a Gale is involved in a love triangle, I expect that love triangle to be resolved into a healthy poly relationship, where each person in it is as emotionally healthy as they can be given their circumstances, and also the obstacles standing in their way haven't just been demolished but probably eaten (with the help of the rest of the Embryon, of course). Because Gale is just like that.

...This could lead to interesting things if I started applying this to, say, Dorothy Gale. Oz could use more cannibal demons, right?

(The Gale that brought this up was from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Post apocalyptic, reality show meets Roman gladiators meets Theseus' tribute. Good book, and well done, but honestly I'm not terribly inclined to read the rest of the series and I don't know why.)


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