Jul. 14th, 2010

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I suppose my first reaction on seeing that shouldn't be lolol.

You know, the sad part about it is that I can totally believe that they don't understand why their sales are disappointing. I genuinely don't think they meant to screw over the customers who bought the first half of Higurashi by jacking up the price of the second half to well over double. I just don't think they have the faintest clue about pricing, didn't sell enough on the first half (because seriously, does anyone think that $40+ on a download-only game is going to work? Especially when everyone knows that it's only half the series?), thought that they had to jack up the price on the second half to recoup their costs, and didn't put enough thought as to what kind of effect raising the price that much would do to the demand.

It doesn't change the fact that, when people buy the first half of a series, they expect that the second half will be priced similarly and that goes into their evaluation of the worth of buying the first half. Therefore, by raising the price of the second half that dramatically, you are screwing over the people who bought first half, and if they bought it that early, they're your most loyal customers most likely to spread your stuff by word of mouth. In bigger markets where people are uninvested, you can survive longer doing that. In a market as small and invested as visual novels? If you do that, you're fucking yourself over.

Cut because I am apparently incapable of shutting up on how they could've done it better )


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