May. 26th, 2010

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I have finally figured out the art to actually managing to get through advanced physics pop science books!

...It involves reading three at once, and switching whenever I get too confused. SO YES. I FEEL VERY ENLIGHTENED AND EDUCATED AND STUFF RIGHT NOW. Granted I have no idea whether the impressions I got/am getting from the books are in any way accurate. PHYSICS IS HARD

Also I am also reading Germs, Genes, and Civilizations because I am apparently incapable of reading less than four books at a time and wow I am really kind of offended at the idea that just because there were occasionally silver linings to hundreds of thousands people dying horribly to the plague it in any way made up for the fact that hundreds of thousands of people died horribly. I'm not going to abandon it quite yet since I'm still in the first chapter and I love history of epidemics but... wow have I mentioned that I'm really offended by that? BECAUSE I AM.


opusculus: Black hole (Default)

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