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Usually I don't do New Years' resolutions, because they've always struck me as sort of silly. I've changed before and I'll change again, but the new year on its own doesn't motivate me to change in the least. I suppose it's a disadvantage of never really celebrating New Year? On the other hand, I have been changing recently into someone happier and more confident with myself, and so at this point I want to keep this ball rolling, as I'm liking the person I'm growing into more than the person I was.

1. I will app at least one other character. It can be in CFUD, it can be Rena in Thusia because omg so much setting potential, it could be both, but I want to at least make a real run at playing two characters seriously at the same time.
2. I will use my journal.
3. I will keep sewing, and make myself some skirts with pockets big enough to hold all my shit. Because pockets are love.
4. I will keep on doing makeup in the morning, because honestly the five extra minutes it takes pays off in how much better I feel.
5. I will do at least 10 minutes of yoga every single day, and make it to my gym at least once a week. I will wait until I am not sore to return to the gym, because last time it was the neverending soreness that killed me.
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