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So I watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica yesterday! It was awesome and anyone who hasn't watched it already totally should, ideally without spoilers. It's basically the lovechild of Utena and Higurashi having a disastrous fling with Bokurano.

1. Kyubey: If it absorbs any more taint, the witch could be revived. *Eats the grief seed*

Puella Magi basically require grief seeds to absorb the taint that their souls gain by fighting. If they don't obtain enough, their soul gem will become irreparably tainted and they will become a witch. What I'm actually wondering is if each grief seed can actually absorb an infinite amount of taint, and Kyubey eats the grief seeds after a single absorption to keep the Puella Magi hungry so that they'll eventually turn into a witch. He doesn't, after all, say it can't absorb any more taint, and considering the magic system, it doesn't make any sense to me that it couldn't absorb more depression. Things can always get worse!

It would be better for the Puella Magi to rely on fighting a single witch whose tactics you already know over and over again than it would be to rely on fighting witches that used to be Puella Magi, considering the supply is hopefully somewhat limited. In the long term, it could solve the problem of Puella Magi basically not being able to obtain enough grief seeds that I suspect is the cause of most witches. But considering Kyubey's goal is the creation of more witches,

So basically I suspect that Kyubey is a manipulative, using dick who tells only what truths are convenient to him. No one is surprised.

2. The first two witches you meet are directly inspired by Higurashi's Rika and Takano. Homura is more obvious, considering the eternal time loop of her friends going mad and dying and the fact that she looks like an older Rika with black hair. But Mami is also pretty obviously inspired by Takano, in everything from her design (blond hair, droopy eyes, busty, older), to her backstory (parents dying in a bus accident) to her talent (hard work without support), to going nuts and shooting all of Homura's friends, to her rivalry with Homura, etc.

What I find kind of awesome about this is that both Rika and Takano are basically witches in potentia in the Higurashi series, whose possible alternate selves have grown into being sadistic witches in the sequel series set two years later. Now that's how you do a shout out to another canon.

Also I have a plurk! It is Ishipit.

Date: 2011-03-14 03:33 am (UTC)
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Yeah, I do think Kyubei is manipulating the supply of Grief Seeds. And, of course, since the girls are mostly ignorant of where witches come from, they accept that the worst thing would be for a witch to return. My standing response to Kyubei at this point is "Kill it with fire!".


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